Kentucky Poultry Energy Efficient Project

Propane Tanks


Audio clip - The poultry industry is focusing efforts on decreasing the amount of energy used in production. Extension Poultry Specialist Tony Pescatore examines the program that is underway in preserving energy.

Today energy bills are one of the major expenditures a poultry producer has - It is estimated that the average utility bill for a poultry house is $700 a month. As the price of propane continues to increase, production costs will also continue to increase negatively affecting the economical sustainability of poultry producers. This project was developed to address this concern.

Through this project, Kentucky poultry growers will have access to energy and money-saving tips. The project is a joint partnership between the College of Agriculture's Departments of Animal and Food Science and Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering together with the Kentucky Poultry Federation and is funded by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board.