Jeffrey W. Lehmkuhler, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Lehmkuhler
Associate Extension Professor
Extension Faculty

Professional Profile

Associate Extension Professor & Extension Beef Cattle Specialist

Provide science-based, practical information related to beef cattle nutrition and management to the beef industry in the state and region allowing individuals to make better informed decisions.  Duties include the following: Develop educational resources & disseminate information; Plan and organize applied research; Collaborate with county-based extension personnel and provide beef-related support; Engage with a team of beef specialists, agents and industry personnel to develop strategies to keep Kentucky’s beef industry economically viable.


Doctor of Philosophy, December 2001, University of Missouri
Feedlot Cattle Responses to Ruminally Undegradable Protein
Dr. Monty Kerley, Major Professor

Master of Science, May 1999, University of Missouri
Comparison of Continuous and Rotational Grazing Silvopastoral Systems
Dr. Monty Kerley, Major Professor

Bachelor of Science, May 1996, Purdue University 

Additional Information

Positions Held

1994. Undergraduate research assistant and laboratory manager of ruminant nutrition lab
Purdue University
(Dr. Mike Cecava, faculty supervisor) 

1995-1996. Undergraduate research assistant
Purdue University
(Dr. Mike Neary, faculty supervisor)

1996-2001 Graduate Research Assistant
Division of Animal Sciences
University of Missouri, Columbia

2001-2008 Assistant Professor
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Wisconsin, Madison (80% Extension, 20% Research)

2008-Current Assistant Professor
Department of Food and Animal Sciences
University of Kentucky, Lexington (100% Extension)

Papers Published in, or Accepted by, Refereed Journals

Lehmkuhler, J.W., M.S. Kerley, H.E. Garrett, B.E. Cutter, and R.L. McGraw,.  1998-1999.  Comparison of continuous and rotational silvopastoral systems for established walnut plantations in southwest Missouri, USA.  Agroforestry Systems. 44(2-3):  267-279.

Fu, C.J., E.E.D. Felton, J.W. Lehmkuhler, and M.S. Kerley.  2001.  Ruminal peptide concentration required to optimize microbial growth and efficiency.  J. Anim. Sci.  79:1305-1312.

Lehmkuhler, J.W., E.E.D. Felton, D.A. Schmidt, K.J. Bader, H.E. Garrett, and M.S. Kerley.  2003.  Tree protection methods during the silvopastoral-system establishment in midwestern USA: Cattle performance and tree damage.  Agroforestry Systems: 59:35-42.

Fu C.J., J.H. Porter, E.E. Felton, J.W. Lehmkuhler, and M.S. Kerley.  2003.  Pre-harvest factors influencing the acid resistance of Escherichia coli and E. coli O157:H7.  J Anim Sci. 81(4):1080-7.

Lehmkuhler, J.W. and M.S. Kerly.  2007.  Bloodmeal and fishmeal as a source to increase the amino acid to energy ratio in steer receiving diets.  Prof. Anim. Sci. 23:253-259.

Lehmkuhler, J.W., M.H. Ramos, and K.A. Albrecht.  2007.  Cupplant silage as a replacement for corn silage in beef cattle diets.  Online.  Forage and Grazinglands doi:10.1094/FG-2007-1107-01-RS.

Brokman, A.M. and J.W. Lehmkuhler.  2007.  Increasing dietary phosphorus level for finishing yearling Holstein steers.  Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci. 21: 220-224.

Brokman, A.M., J.W. Lehmkuhler, and D.J. Undersander.  2008.  Reducing phosphorus inputs for grazing Holstein steers.  J. Anim. Sci. 86:712-719.

Lehmkuhler, J.W. and M.H. Ramos.  2008.  Comparison of dairy beef genetics and dietary roughage levels.  J. Dairy. Sci. 91:2523-2531.

Invited Published Papers

Lehmkuhler, J.W. 2002.  Mineral and vitamin supplementation of the cow-calf herd.  Proc. VI. Course on New Approaches in the Production and Reproduction of Bovine, Brazil.  pp.135-142.

Lehmkuhler, J.W. 2002.  Strategies to decrease slaughter age.  Proc. VI. Course on New Approaches in the Production and Reproduction of Bovine, Brazil.  pp.127-134.

Lehmkuhler, J.W.  2005.  Grazing Holstein steers:  An alternative to the calf-fed model.  Proc. Managing and Marketing Quality Holstein Steers, Rochester, MN.  pp.185-197.

Lehmkuhler, J.W.  2006.  Livestock performance and general considerations for cattle management in temperate silvopastoral systems.  Proc. Of the 60th Southern Pasture & Forage Crop Improvement Conference.  Auburn, AL.

Abstracts submitted to scientific meetings (2005 to present)

Lehmkuhler, J.W., W.R. Burris, S.R. Smith, Jr., G. Halich, K. Burdine, M. Arnold, S.F. Higgins, A. Gumbert, and K. Laurent.  2014.  The Kentucky master stocker program. Journal of Animal Science. 92 (abstr. 290).

Stewart, L., J.W. Lehmkuhler, M.H. Poore, J.D. Arthington, and D.L. Rankins.  2014.  Beef programming across state lines: SERA 41 webinars.  Journal of Animal Science. 92 (abstr.24).

Brokman, A.M., J.W. Lehmkuhler, and D.J. Undersander.  2005.  Supplemental phosphorus removal for grazing Holstein steer.  ASAS Midwestern Sectional (abstr. 248).

Lehmkuhler, J.W., A.E. Crooks, and D.J. Undersander.  2005.  Supplementation of grazing Holstein steers with dried distillers grains in combination with monensin.  J. Anim. Sci. 83 (Suppl 2): 244(abstr.).

Lehmkuhler, J.W., M. Ramos, S.C. Arp, and J.R. Claus.  2006.  Comparison of Holstein, Jersey and Crossbred Twinner Steers.  J. Anim. Sci. 84 (Suppl 2): 316 (abstr.).

Ramos, M.H., J.W. Lehmkuhler, S.C. Arp, and K.A. Albrecht.  2006.  Investigating Silphium perfoliatum  (cupplant) silage for growing cattle.  J. Anim. Sci. 84 (Suppl 1): 304 (abstr.).

Lehmkuhler, J.W. and M. Ramos.  2007.  Response of yearling Holstein steers to ractopamine hydrochloride.  J. Anim. Sci. 85(Suppl. 2): 136(abstr.).

Extension Articles (2007 – present)

Lehmkuhler, J.W.  2007.  Using heritability to your advantage. 
Viewed at: [].

Lehmkuhler, J.W.  2007.  AI breed your cows on your schedule. 
Viewed at: [].

Lehmkuhler, J.W.  2007.  Feed additive improves production efficiency. 
Viewed at: [].

Lehmkuhler, J.W. 2007.  Utilizing barley in beef cattle diets. 
Viewed at: [ barley.pdf].

Lehmkuhler, J.W.  2007.  Limit feeding hay to stretch short hay supplies. 
Viewed at: [ Limit feed hay.pdf].

Lehmkuhler, J. and T. Cox.  2007.  Forage-based beef production in the bio-energy era. 
Forage Focus.  Forage First, Midwest Forage Association. pg. 10-11.

Lehmkuhler, J. and K. Albrecht.  2008.  Value of Maintaining Legumes in Stands Increasing.  Forage Focus.  Forage First, Midwest Forage Association. pg. 4-5.

Lehmkuhler, J.  2008.  Introduction to Nutrition(ist) of Fractionated Distillers. 
July 2008 edition of Off the Hoof

International Invited Presentations

Mineral and Vitamin Supplementation of the Cow-calf Herd.  2002.  Uberlandia, Brazil.

Strategies to Decrease Slaughter Age.  2002.  Uberlandia, Brazil.

2008 World South Devon Congress:  Gaining the interest of an industry?.  July 14, 2008.  Kananaskis, Canada.