Online Resources for use in educational activities while we are at home.  For the resources listed click on the title to link to the website or file that is available for your use.

How to Make a Rope Halter - Learning to make a rope halter can be a good activity for your 4-H Club meetings.  This publication written by Dr. George Heersche gives the step by step how to. 

Making Cottage Cheese at Home - Learn how to make cottage cheese

Making Yogurt at Home - Learn how to make yogurt at home

4-H Dairy Project Activity Summary - This chart could be used to log the activities that the 4-H member has completed while at home with their project animal.  Another way to document time spent would be to also take pictures or videos of the 4-H member in action with their project animal.  

Jersey Association Activity Pages - American Jersey Association has put together some educational activities for their members.  These are some simple word search and fill in the blank sheets.  Print the individual puzzles or use this combined file to make a packet to mail to your 4-H members.  Jersey Combined Packet 

Zoonotic Disease Detective - This fun interactive booklet developed by Michigan 4-H and the CDC looks at biosecurity and zoonoses in a fun way.  Join in becoming Disease Detectives to explore the microorganisms behind these diseases and ways to protect yourself and others from the spread of germs!  Answer page for worksheets

Dairy Discovery CD - The Livestock Leader Certification program Discovery CD is now available online.  This is the link to the dairy materials.

American Dairy Farmers Association North East Farm Tours

There are 3 dairy farm video tours located on this website.  One way to utilize these tours would be for the 4-H members to watch and compare and contrast their dairy farm operation to the ones on these videos.  These could be done in a virtual meeting or written.

Discover Dairy Website - This website contains lots of dairy related materials.  The activities are Stem and Core curriculum rated for school enrichment.  There is also a list of children's books that talk about cows.  The activities are for both elementary school and middle school age children.

FARM Program Resources - The National Farmers Assuring Responsible Management Program has been developed for dairy farmers and dairy farm cooperatives to use to insure the proper care is included in training those who work on dairy farms.  These materials would be appropriate for older youth who are helping on the family farm or have a dairy farm job.

Hoards Dairyman Dairy Judging Contest- This contest is held annual starting in January to March.  Even though the deadline has passed for entries in the contest 4-H clubs can still use these to practice dairy judging.  The link should lead to a copy of the 2020 classes.  Have your 4-H members place the classes and have a discussion on placings using online methods like Zoom, FaceTime or Google Duo.

Virginia Tech YouTube Dairy Judging Videos - Learn more about dairy judging and oral reasons.  These videos are excellent sources of practice judging classes.  Have your 4-H members place the class and give their own set of reasons for their placings.  Reasons can be recorded and sent to leaders.

Vaccination Handout - This handout has lots of information regarding the proper use of injections in livestock.  Could demonstrate these in a virtual meeting setting.  

4-H Dairy Project Record Book - This record book was put together by Florida Cooperative Extension.  It contains all the summary charts needed for any good dairy project record book.  this project book would be a good way for older 4-H members to learn how much their dairy project costs and what records are important for any farming operation.

The Dairy Alliance - Southeast dairy promotional organization  Good teacher resources and dairy recipes. Also located on the Dairy Alliance website is a virtual field trip to a dairy farm.  Here is study guide questions that can be downloaded and answered about these short videos.  This could be turned in for possible livestock educational hours credit.

The Holstein Foundation - Excellent resource materials for club meetings or individual study.  There are free workbooks that can be downloaded on a variety of dairy topics not just judging and showing.  The dairy quiz bowl questions are still available here and the dairy jeopardy questions are also a good study activity.

Showmanship Videos-  These were shared on the Kentucky 4-H Dairy Facebook page and are a part of the Holstein Foundation education resources.  You might share pictures or videos of 4-H members with their animal either leading or clipping.

Kentucky Agriculutre and Environment in the Classroom - Classroom resources about agriculture.  If any teachers are looking for more online resources for their classroom this might be a good place to start.

Southland Dairy Farmers Mobile Dairy Unit - Mobile trailer that can visit schools and fairs when we are open for business again.