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    Please note that the postings below are outside of the University’s control and you should research each opportunity carefully. Look into the credibility, reliability, and stability of each opportunity and always be aware of issues pertaining to your personal safety. When in doubt seek a different opportunity.

    We wish for you a safe, educational, and fun experience!

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    Student Worker - Maine Chance Farm

    Employer: University of Kentucky, Animal and Food Science Department

    Position Type: Job Posting

    Location: Lexington KY


    The Animal Science Horse Unit at Maine Chance Farm is seeking one or two additional student workers for the academic year.


    Anyone interested can apply to Dr. Lawrence at llawrenc@email.uky.edu  with the following information:


    Name and contact info


    Horse Experience


    Class schedule


    At least one reference, give full name, employer, contact information


    Veterinary Science Department- Student worker

    Employer: UK Veterinary Science Department

    Position Type: Job Posting

    Location: Versailles KY


    The Veterinary Science Dept. has student positions available at the North Farm on Newtown Pike and at OLRC (Woodford) in Versailles. The successful applicant will be working with horses, helping to clean stalls, feed, and provide support for veterinary care and research projects, i.e., handle animals and administer medications. This position will help cover weekends and holidays with the possibility of additional hours during the week. Anyone interested should contact Courtney Lawson at 859-218-1100 or courtneyb@uky.edu so we can get your name on the list of applicants.


    UK Swine Reserach Unit- student worker

    Employer: UK Swine Research Unit

    Position Type: Job Posting

    Location: Versailles KY


    Employment opportunity for a University of Kentucky student at the UK Swine Research Unit

    Located near Versailles, off of US-62                                                

    ¨ Positions available immediately!

    ¨ Experience all aspects of production and research; work it into a ASC 399 internship project

    ¨ Up to 20 hrs/wk in the academic year!

    For more information please contact:

    Dr. Merlin Lindemann; Professor of Animal and Food Sciences

    Phone: 257-7524

    Email: merlin.lindermann@uky.edu

    Jim Monegue; Agriculture Research Specialist

    Swine Farm Manager

    Phone: 873-6587 ext. 289

    Email: jmonegue@uky.edu

    UKY Dairy -student worker

    Employer: UKY Coldstream Dairy

    Position Type: Job Posting

    Location: Lexington KY


    The University of Kentucky Coldstream Dairy is hiring students to milk for the fall semester.  This would be a good opportunity for students to get some entry level experience with dairy and handling large animals. 

    Students can work 20 hours per week during the semester. We milk two times a day, once at 4:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. seven days a week.  We usually are done milking and cleaned up in the mornings around7:45-8:00 a.m. and done around 6:30-7:00p.m. in the evenings. 

    For more information please contact Matt Collins, Assistant Herdsman, by email jmco273@uky.edu.



    Professional Swine Management Nutrition Associate

    Employer: Professional Swine Management, LLC; Carthage System

    Position Type: Job Posting

    Location: Carthage IL

    Link to Website or PDF: http://carthagesystem.com/careers/


    Basic Functions: The PSM Nutrition Associate assists the System Nutritionist in coordination and review of all aspects of the nutrition program. This individual works with laboratories to facilitate the feed quality assurance program and collects field data at farms and feed mills as needed.


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


    • Provides service and support to PSM managed farms to support execution of the feeding program.
    • Updates and maintains feed order forms for PSM managed farms.
    • Facilitates feed ordering for PSM managed farms.
    • Documents and troubleshoots feed related problems with farms and feed mills
    • Communicates with production and health teams on changes to feed medications and formulations
    • Communicates with feed mills on changes to ingredients or projected ingredient usage
    • Oversees feed quality assurance program across multiple mills and assists Carthage Diagnostic Lab with data entry and sample processing as needed
    • Generates reports on feed quality assurance data for mills and management
    • Reviews, summarizes and analyzes production, feed, and nutrition data
    • Assists as needed with calculations of optimal market weights and projections
    • Develops nutrition reports and feed programming and educational materials for sites, health and production teams based on current SOP
    • Tracks and summarizes on-site nutrition observations from production and heath teams
    • Collects data, samples, and observations from visits to farms and feed mills. Generates summaries
    • Performs additional duties as assigned



    Knowledge and Skills:

    Must possess a strong background in analytical techniques, be proficient in spreadsheet, power point, and word processing software, be detailed oriented and results driven, demonstrate negotiation and interpersonal communication skills. This individual must be inquisitive, and be self-motivated. Strong communication skills and ability to problem-solve are a necessity. Ability to work well with and get results from a variety of individuals is critical to success in this position. Experience with livestock production and data collection and data management preferred.


    Education and Work Experience:

    1. Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, Swine Nutrition, Animal Science or related field required AND
    2. 2-3 year experience in similar field OR
    3. Master’s degree in Agriculture, Swine Nutrition, Animal Science or related field, OR
    4. Any similar combination of education and experience




    1. Ability to efficiently multi-task and prioritize
    2. Strong oral and written communication skills
    3. Must demonstrate self-motivated attitude
    4. Highly detail-oriented
    5. Ability to work with limited supervision
    6. Ability to work under frequent time pressures
    7. Ability to sit, stand, bend, kneel for extended periods of time  

    Please contact Liz Ward, HR and Organization Development Coordinator for more information.

    Liz Ward, PHR, Bilingual

    HR and Organization Development Coordinator

    Carthage System

    303 N 2nd St.

    Carthage, IL 62321

    Ph (402) 649-5760

    Fax (866) 384-4151




    Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI)

    Position Type: Internship

    Deadline to Apply: October 31, 2018

    Location: Lexington KY

    Link to Website or PDF: http://www.kemi.org/


    Applications for our upcoming SPRING 2019 Internship Session are being accepted now through October 31st (postmark deadline) !

    The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) program is dedicated to improving the opportunities for college students wishing to pursue a career in the field of equine management. KEMI offers a comprehensive educational experience for students enrolled for academic credit through a sponsoring college or university, or for recent graduates of such institutions.

    Through the internship, students integrate academic studies with practical experience, leadership and responsibility as a contributing participant on a Central Kentucky horse farm. Aside from farm commitments, students are introduced into a network of equine professionals representing multifaceted careers in the equine profession. During the first week of the course, students participate in Orientation activities as a group. After the first week, students are employed full-time by participating farms where they become familiar with the day-to-day management of horses on commercial thoroughbred farms.

    Spring interns will focus primarily on the Reproductive side of our industry: Foaling out mares, caring for young foals, taking mares to the breeding shed, etc.
    Our weekly lecture topics will include stallion & mare reproduction, dystocia, common illnesses and diseases of foals, selecting stallions, mare appraisal, etc.

    Minimum Admission Requirements

    Applicants to the KEMI program must have:

    • Completed at least two years of a college curriculum with a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 (4.0 scale) or better in all college coursework
    • Previous hands-on experience in the equine industry
    • A strong work ethic and personal character and be dependable

    Schedule of Fees (Effective Fall 2014)

    • $35 Application Fee (due with application form)
    • $465 Tuition Deposit (due upon acceptance to the program)
    • $2000 Tuition (due after the Orientation Week)

    Total Program Fees: $2500

    For more information about the program and an application form, go to:


    If you have additional questions, please send us a message: info@kemi.org

    Meat Industry Internship Opportunties

    Employer: American Association of Meat Processors

    Position Type: Internship

    Location: variable locations variable locations


    American Association of Meat Processor’s Internship Program provides opportunities for students and for recent graduates to gain additional knowledge and experience in the meat industry. Both internship and full-time job opportunities are available at local businesses across the country.

    Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

    Internship Benefits:
    • Exposure to another side of the meat industry
    • Connect with small businesses and the local food movement
    • Gain experience in every facet of the meat industry
    • Hands on experience with: slaughter, fabrication, further
    processing, product development, HACCP and food safety
    systems, cleaning and sanitizing procedures, USDA-FSIS
    regulations, marketing and retail sales
    • Opportunities available for 2019

    PDF iconaamp_intership_program_2018.pdf

    If interested, please contact Nelson Gaydos, Outreach Specialist at nelson@aamp.com, or 717-367-1168.

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