Overview of poultry animal projects (University of Kentucky)

PROJECT MATERIALS (For Youth Ages 8-18)

In this series, you will develop the skills necessary to care for poultry. You will participate in activities such as breed identification, preparing poultry for a show, exploring an egg, poultry health and judging market poultry value. The resource material listed below is available for sale online at the 4-H mall


Scratching the Surface explores how to identify and select different species and breeds. You will learn the parts of poultry animals including eggs and feather features as well as feeding, handling, washing, and showing techniques. Available through National 4-H Council.


Testing Your Wings explores how to recognize sickness early, identify parts and functions of a bird, how an egg is formed. 4-H'ers are also taught about judging, pecking order, selecting hens, feed tags, advertising poultry products, and preventing poultry diseases.


Flocking Together guides older 4-H'ers in taking leadership roles, managing a laying flock, genetics, safe handling of meat and eggs, processing meat, poultry careers, and preparing for the workplace. Available through National 4-H Council.

POULTRY Leader/Helper Guide

This Helper's Guide will help you support youth in his or her efforts to set goals and complete activities, as well as providing resources for the member's to use in completing the series.