In the 4-H Poultry projects, participants will learn:

  • how to identify breeds and select quality poultry animals;
  • best practices for animal care and management;
  • safe and ethical practices for animal welfare;
  • showing skills;
  • how to promote the use of poultry products and the poultry industry; and
  • skills such as decision-making, getting along with others, self-responsibility, plannings and organizing, and improving your knowledge of general science and technology.

Additional materials are also available at different state extension websites.

Help guide for 4-H leaders in poultry projects (Pennsylvania State University)

Information on specific poultry projects

Raising broilers and turkeys for competitions (University of Arkansas)

4-H Poultry Showmanship rules (University of Connecticut)

4-H Poultry Showmanship questions (University of Connecticut) videos:

Fun with chickens - broiler showmanship (Louisiana State University)

Handling broilers for showmanship (Louisiana State University)

Fun with chickens - Exhibition showmanship (Louisiana State University)

How to wash your chickens (poultrycrazy)

Chicken showmanship demonstration (poultrycrazy)

Poultry prep (Volusia County youngsters learn poultry presentation as they get ready to enter their birds in competition in the county fair)

How to mail order chicks (Richard Dunne)

Day old baby chickens, mail order .... What to do when they arrive (Richard Dunne)