Starting in 2018, there will be a 4-H poultry showmanship contest at the Kentucky state fair. It will be held on the first day of the state fair. It is open to Kentucky 4-Hers only and only chickens can be shown. Registration is online through the 4-H extension agent, with a July 10 deadline. The contest will follow the national poultry showmanship manual, except for the walking of the chicken.

National poultry showmanship manual (University of California, Davis)

eXtension webinar on poultry showmanship 

We will be simplifying the showmanship contest for the state fair - We will not have the participants 'walk' the chicken up and down a table.


10 points - Personal appearance of the participant

10 points - Poise of participant

10 points - Speaking ability

15 points - Poultry knowledge 

15 points - Quality and condition of chicken

10 points - Handling chicken in and out of the cage

10 points - Examining the chicken

10 points - Carrying the chicken

10 points - Posing chicken on the table

Kentucky state fair scorecard