About the Kentucky 4-H Horse Program

The objectives of the KENTUCKY 4-H HORSE PROGRAM are to provide a means for 4-H members to:

1.   Develop leadership, initiative, self-reliance, sportsmanship and other desirable traits of character. 

2.   Be better prepared for citizenship responsibilities through working in groups and supporting horse projects and activities. 

3.  Promote a greater love for animals and a humane treatment toward them.

4.  Experience the pride of working with a horse, pony or mule and being responsible for its management and welfare.

5.   Develop an appreciation for horseback riding as a healthy and wholesome form of recreation.

6.   Enhance their horsemanship skills and knowledge as well as understanding the business of breeding, raising and training horses, ponies and/or mules.

7.   Increase their knowledge of basic safety precautions in order to prevent injury to themselves, their horse and others.

The 4-H Horse Program in Kentucky is designed to reach youth that have a passion for horses, whether they own one or not.  The program offers a variety of areas that the 4-Her's can be involved, learn valuable skills, and make friends for life.  To participate in state level 4-H events you must be a member of your county 4-H Horse club and complete 6 hours of education through the club's certified volunteer leader. 

How Do I Join 4-H In My County?

To join 4-H in Kentucky, you must be between the ages of 9-18 and reside in Kentucky.  All you have to do is know the county that you live in and contact your county 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent for more information.  To find their information, look in your local phone directory, or visit  http://extension.ca.uky.edu/county/

Are you over 18, but still think this sounds like a lot of fun? Talk to your county agent about becoming a Certified Volunteer Leader.  Attend one of the Certification Weekends located at various state parks around Kentucky, or a virtual session, and help lead our 4-H Youth! Contact your county 4-H Youth Development agent for more information.

For information on other 4-H projects in Kentucky, visit the State 4-H website at http://4-h.ca.uky.edu/