Validation of 4-H/FFA Market Animals

All 4-H/FFA market steers, market heifers, market lambs, market hogs, and market goats that will participate in market livestock shows in Kentucky (i.e., County Fairs, District Shows, Junior Livestock Expos, Kentucky State Fair, etc.) must be tagged with Radio Frequency Identification (R.F.I.D.) tags.  The R.F.I.D. tag number will be used as the Kentucky Uniform Identification Program (K.U.I.P.) number.  In addition, to be eligible for participation in the Kentucky State Fair, market steers, market lambs, market hogs, and market goats must have samples collected for DNA testing.  The validation guidelines, required forms for validation, and sites where animals may be validated can be found below. 

The location where market animals will be housed is required to be identified on the validation form.  The housing location must conform to the rules and guidelines found in the Ownership, Possession, and Care Rules for Kentucky 4-H/FFA Youth Breeding and Market Livestock Projects.

Animals that will only be exhibited as breeding animals (breeding heifers, breeding gilts, breeding ewes, and breeding does) do not need to go through the validation process.  However, all breeding animals are required to be identified by June 1 by completing a Kentucky 4-H/FFA Breeding Animal Project Nomination and Location Form (these forms can be obtained from your supervising Extension Agent or Vocational Agriculture Teacher).  View information about the nomination of breeding animals.


2021 Guidelines for Validating Market Animals in Kentucky

2021 KUIP Tag Replacement Form