The following policies, guidelines, and procedures have been implemented in Kentucky for 4-H and youth projects and activities.  Additional policies and guidelines may also be required for specific projects and activities, so youth should consult with their supervising County Extension Agent or Vocational Agriculture Teacher to ensure all policies and guidelines are followed. 

Ownership, Possession, and Care Rules - Rules governing the ownership, possession (animal housing location), and care of 4-H/FFA youth breeding and market livestock projects, and the various forms that are needed for submission.  Applies to beef heifers, beef cows, beef bulls, market steers, market heifers, breeding does, market goats, breeding ewes, market lambs, breeding gilts, and market hogs. 

Guidelines for Validating 4-H/FFA Market Animals in Kentucky - Guidelines governing how market animals (market heifers, market steers, market goats, market lambs, market hogs) are to be validated (tagged with an RFID tag and DNA sampled), and the various forms that are needed for submission. 

Qualifying Show Exemption Request Form for Youth Swine Exhibitors (pdf) - Rules and form for 4-H/FFA youth market swine exhibitors to request an exemption to the qualifying show rule for market animals. 

4-H/FFA Memorandum of Agreement (pdf) - This Memorandum of Agreement contains policies of operation and cooperation adopted by 4-H and FFA 

Kentucky 4-H Clover Bud Policy (pdf) - The Kentucky 4-H policy governing the involvement of Clover Buds (K-3rd grade) in 4-H programs and activities. 

Kentucky 4-H Crossing County Line Policy and Procedures (pdf) - The Kentucky 4-H policy and procedures governing how a 4-H member may cross county lines and participate in another county's 4-H program.