In addition to providing youth an opportunity to learn about animal selection and evaluation, nutrition and feeding,health and daily care, reproduction, and marketing, another of the important purposes for 4-H/FFA Youth Breeding and Market Livestock Projects is to facilitate learning the valuable life skills of responsibility, hard work, critical thinking, and decision-making.  Achieving each of these purposes is best accomplished when the 4-Her or FFA member has personal ownership of their project and responsibility for the continuous daily care of their livestock or dairy project under the oversight of the youth’s parents or legal guardians, the local supervising Extension Agent or Vocational Agriculture Teacher, and (or) the volunteer 

To help provide a framework where the above mentioned purposes can be achieved, Kentucky has adopted rules 

pertaining to ownership, possession, and care of 4-H/FFA Youth Breeding and Market Livestock Projects.  These rules apply to all 4-H/FFA beef, goat, sheep, and swine breeding and market animal projects (includes beef heifers, beef cows, beef bulls, market steers, market heifers, breeding does, market goats, breeding ewes, market lambs, local leader. breeding gilts, and market hogs).

Below are links for the Ownership, Possession, and Care Rules for Kentucky 4-H/FFA Youth Breeding and Market Livestock Projects, as well as links to the required forms.

Ownership, Possession, and Care Rules 


  • 2022 Project Animal Location Waiver Form\
  • 2022 Breeding Beef Cattle Nomination-Location Form
  • 2022 Breeding Goat Nomination-Location Form
  • 2022 Breeding Sheep Nomination-Location Form
  • 2022 Breeding Gilt Nomination-Location Form

FORMS FOR MARKET ANIMALS - Additional rules pertaining to validating market animals can be found here.