Livestock Skillathon Contests provide a valuable educational experience for youth.  The content of these contests provide a framework for youth to learn a variety of topics related to the production and management of beef cattle, meat goats, sheep, and swine.  Participants in these events will learn about different breeds of livestock, external parts of livestock, skeletal anatomy of livestock, feedstuffs used in livestock diets, equipment using in raising and showing livestock and in processing meat, wholesale and retail cuts of meat derived from livestock, expected progeny differences (EPDs), common calculations used to measure animal performance and profitability, judging hay, judging meats, and judging performance classes of livestock.

2023 Kentucky 4-H Livestock Skillathon Contest

Location: Western Kentucky University L. D. Brown Ag Expo Center (Bowling Green, KY.)

Date: February 18, 2023

The results, award photos, and answer keys for the 2022 contest can be found below.

2023 Skillathon Resource Packet

2023 Skillathon Registration Form 

2023 Skillathon Registration Payment Form - Deadline to Register 2/3/2023 One Check Must Be Mailed per County


Livestock Calculations for Skillathon Contests – publication that shows important animal performance and economic calculations.

Judging Performance Classes, ASC-167 – publication that describes the basics of judging a class of animals based on a scenario and performance data.

Judging Wool and Mohair  - publication from Texas A&M that describes the basics of judging wool and mohair.

Interpreting Forage Quality Reports (ID-101) - publication that explains the terms found on forage analysis reports and how to use them in hay judging. 

Judging Hay (PSS-2588) - publication from oklahoma State University that describes the process of hay evaluation.

Results from 2022 Kentucky 4-H Livestock Skillathon Contest

Answer Keys from Previous KY 4-H Livestock Skillathon Contests