Dairy Cow

Dairy Management Tip for the Month - October 2021

Controlling Nuisance Birds in Dairy Facilities

Birds congregating in large numbers, i.e. starlings, are a nuisance on farms.  Birds tend to roost overnight in a different area than those in which they feed.  To Learn More

September 2021 Tip- Milking time practices impact milking efficiency and mastitis incidence

  • Physically touch or stimulate teats for 10 seconds before attaching milking unit.  When teats are properly stimulated, a signal is sent to the brain resulting in the release of oxytocin into the blood. Oxytocin acts on cells in the udder resulting in milk letdown.  This process takes 1-2 minutes, thus the reason for waiting 1 to 2 minutes before attaching the machine.
  • Prevent overmilking by removing the milking unit within 30 seconds after milking is done.  Overmilking can cause hyperkeratosis (rough teat ends) and result in a place for bacteria to colonize and cause mastitis.  Automatic takeoffs need to be checked to make sure they are operating properly to prevent overmilking.