Students can fulfill their academic enrichment experience requirement by completing one of the following courses:

  1. ASC 333 Scholar of Teaching and Learning in Animal Sciences

a. Student is a peer instructor for ASC 101 Domestic Animal Biology.
b.  Student complete the ASC 101 peer instructor form
c.  Student turns in ASC 101 peer instructor form to Dr. Wahrmund room 912 W.P. Garrigus.
d.  An override for the correct section of ASC 333 is issued by Ann Leed and the student is enrolled in ASC 333 by Ann Leed. 
e.  Student completes the requirements outlined by Dr. Wahrmund.
f.  A letter grade is given to the student at the end of the semester.

2. ASC 395 Undergraduate Research

a. Student works with a faculty member to identify an undergraduate research project.
b. Student and faculty complete the Undergraduate Independent Study Contract.

i. 1 credit hour – 48 hours of work
ii. 2 credit hours – 96 hours of work
iii. 3 credit hours – 144 hours of work

c. Student obtains necessary signatures on the contract and turns the contract into Ann Leed.  The student will be registered for ASC 395 by Ann Leed.
d. A letter grade is given to the student at the end of the semester.

3. ASC 399 Internship
Review the following documents

a. Internship requirements.
b. ASC399 Course Syllabus
c. ASC 399 Internship Program Learning and Supervisor Contract
    •  Learning and Supervisor Contract for student with Ms. Colette Tebeau as faculty member
    •  Learning and Supervisor Contract for student with Ms. Ann Leed as faculty member 

d. Letter to Internship Supervisor
e. Student Acknowledgment of Risk 

4. EAP 599 Study Abroad

a. Student works with the UK Education Abroad Office to apply for an education abroad experience.
b. Enroll in EAP 599 for the semester or summer traveling abroad.
c. Student fulfills the requirements of EAP 599 (pre-departure meeting, post-departure meeting, seminar).
d. A pass/fail grade is given to the student at the end of the semester.

5. Other

a. In some cases students can complete their Academic Enrichment Experience by competing on the Livestock Judging Team, Meats Judging Team, Dairy Judging Team or Dairy Challenge Team.
b. In this situation, the student should work with a faculty sponsor as the student will need to complete a tangible end product (report, article, poster, etc.).