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Avian Bowl Contest

Avian Bowl Contest

Avian Bowl Contest

Kentucky State Fairgrounds - Cloverville in South wing
Dr. Jacqueline Jacob 8592577613

Last Revised: Jan 11th, 2024

Date and Time

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Event Description


  • To encourage youth to expand their knowledge of avian facts, and become proficient in poultry management, and related subjects
  • To help youth with career guidance, and to promote the poultry industry, by stimulating their interest in poultry and other avian species
  • To make learning fun


Date: First Friday of the State Fair (i.e., Animal Science Day)
Time: Right after completion of the state poultry judging contest
Location: Cloverville, South Wing of State Fairgrounds

Awards will be presented at the end of the contest in Cloverville. 



  • See General Rules applying to all 4-H Exhibitors and General Rules applying to 4-H judging events.
  • This contest will test the participants' knowledge of poultry and poultry products. Refer to the State Fair catalog or contact the state contact person for a list of materials to be covered [Indicated below].
  • There are both senior and junior divisions in this contest.
  • A team will consist of not less than two or no more than four members. Counties may enter more than one team. [Counties must have at least six participants to have two teams and at least 10 participants to have three teams.]
  • Official sports bracket book will be used to pair teams. A double-elimination tournament style format will be followed. The contest will continue until only one team remains with less than two losses.
  • Each bowl match will consist of 9 questions. Questions will be in a format suitable for bowl competition - definitions, spelling, and multiple choice. Pictures and charts from the study material may be used. Incorrect questions will be offered to the other team. Questions will be worth 5 points. For the seniors only, Incorrect answers and acknowledgment penalty will be minus 5 points. BEGINNING IN 2010, NO POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED FOR JUNIORS GIVING WRONG ANSWERS.
  • Ties during the bowl will be broken by one toss-up question until the tie is broken.
  • After completion of the question, teams have 10 seconds to buzz in. The answer should start within 5 seconds of being acknowledged.
  • Questions given to the other team after a miss will not be repeated but can be completed if interrupted by the first team.
  • A team member and coach have the privilege to ask for verification on an answer he/she feels is incorrect. "Time out" must be called before the next question is read. Decisions made by the judge are final.
  • There will be no conferring by participants among themselves or with anyone else except for the moderator while the avian competition is in process. Participants giving or receiving answers from others will be excused from the competition and not receive a ribbon.
  • Top four judges in the Senior Division -- $600 for team expenses at the National 4-H Avian Bowl event.


All questions for both the state and national events will come from the 2023 version.

The following sections and pages have been selected as study materials for the 2024 Kentucky Avian Bowl contest:

Junior contest covers:

  • Prologue
  • Raising waterfowl (duck breeds and geese breeds only) ... pages 24-25
  • Breeds, varieties, and strains (AOSB & Miscellaneous only) ... pages 78-80
  • Raising your home chicken flock (All)... pages 153-161
  • Squab production ... pages 171-173

The Senior Contest will cover all of the Junior Contest material plus:

  • Eggcyclopedia (eggs from A-Z through Daily values ... pages 103-118
  • Contributions of individuals from industry, academia, and the government to the advancement of poultry science (1953 through 1962 only) ... pages 215-217

The quickest and most accurate method of ordering the manual is to go to Clemson Store -

It will require the use of a credit or debit card. This method will automatically bring up appropriate shipping charges during the order process. Payment should only be $15.00 per copy plus shipping. Link to purchase a printed copy is

Checks are no longer accepted.

Purchase orders with the necessary authorized signatures may be mailed or faxed to the above.


Kentucky has a strong history of participating in the National Avian Bowl contest, often placing in the top three

  • Kentucky placed 3rd in 1990, 1999 and 2003
  • Kentucky placed 2nd in 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2001
  • Kentucky placed 1st in 1992, 1993, and 1997

2023 Avian Bowl Team

  • Christopher Sweets, Warren County
  • Jonas Hosay, Warren County
  • Emily Normington, Scott County
  • Cameron Huggins, Simpson County

2022 Avian Bowl Team - Placed 6th

  • Jose Villanos, Larue County
  • Seth Redmon, Larue County
  • Jake Marksbury, Larue County
  • Brody Higgs, Larue County

2021 Avian Bowl Team - Placed 5th 

  • Elizabeth Johnson, Warren County
  • Issac Hosay, Warren County
  • Daphnica Wood, Allen/Warren County

2019 Avian Bowl Team

  • Brady Sammons, Carter County
  • Anna Sweets, Warren County
  • Molly Duke, Warren County

2018 Avian Bowl Team

  • Katie Thacker, Pike County
  • Irena Wolfrom, Madison County
  • Kierston Dotson, Pike County
  • Ciara Kilgore, Pike County

2017 Avian Bowl Team

  • Jacob Kessinger, Lawrence County
  • Bix Meyer, Pike County
  • Layn McDiffet, Laurel County
  • Kiera Lovel, Pike County

2016 Avian Bowl Team - Placed 5th

  • Josh Collier, Madison County
  • Zena Pare, Warren County
  • Abbey Dickerson, Warren County
  • Kylie McDiffett, Laurel County

2015 Avian Bowl Team - Placed 4th

  • Eli Stoltman, Lincoln County
  • Corey White, Lincoln County
  • Kali Tacket, Pike County
  • Kayla McGuire, Pike County

2014 Avian Bowl Team - Placed 3rd

  • Hannah Bergamini, Warren County
  • Emma Spainhoward, Warren County
  • Taylor Williams, Perry County
  • Emma Looney, Pike County

2013 Avian Bowl Team - Placed 2nd

  • Nancy Maynard, Pike County
  • Andy Stiltner, Madison County
  • Caleb Bergamini, Warren County
  • Hannah Whitaker, Perry County

2012 Avian Bowl Team: Placed 8th

  • Josh Robinette, Lawrence County
  • Bre Howell, Lawrence County
  • Kelly Lemaster, Lawrence County

2011 Avian Bowl Team: Placed 5th

  • Stephen Burkee
  • Keisha Morgan
  • Megan Syck
  • Joshua Stephens

2010 Avian Bowl team: Placed 8th

  • Darryl Cole, Breathitt County
  • Addison Whitaker, Letcher County
  • Seth Sparks, Magoffin County
  • Kaitlyn Lemaster, Lawrence County

2009 Avian Bowl team: Tied for 5th place

  • Rebecca May, Pike County
  • Hannah Stewart, Breathitt County
  • Adam Stewart, Pike County
  • Brooke Preston, Pike County

Contact Information

Dr. Tony Pescatore, Ph.D.
Interim Department Chair

900 W.P. Garrigus Building Lexington, KY 40546-0215

+1 (859) 257-2686