Embryology: The study of life (PennState) - Provides teachers with background information and experiential activities dealing with the life sciences for use in the classroom. Each activity is designed to be grade-level appropriate and has been correlated to the U.S. National Science Education Standards

4-H National Curriculum

  • Hatching: Classroom Projects - Helper's Guide Beginner (4H CCS BU 07595) This activity book is for 4-H members ages 7-11. 4-H'ers will learn life skills, and science skills as well as skills in embryology such as incubation, preparing a brooder, handling chicks, and exploring careers in the poultry industry
  • Experiments in Poultry Science - Helper's Guide Advanced (4H CCS BU 07596) This activity book is for 4-H members ages 12-14.  4-H'ers will learn life skills, and science skills as well as skills in embryology such as hatching, identifying parts of an egg, collecting data about embryos and chicks, and many others

From Feedstuffs:

The ABCs of Farming coloring book - is a coloring book Feedstuffs created to honor the many U.S. farm families that dedicate their lives each day to the production of our food and proper care of our farm animals. Drawn by Feedstuffs FoodLink artist Jessi Brummer and authored by Sarah Muirhead, the pictures and messages within provide a glimpse into what food production is all about and the strong values of U.S. farm families in providing the daily essentials of life. Taking young readers through The ABCs of Farming is sixth-generation farmer Trent Loos.

From the American Egg Board

  • Eggs 101: A video project - Comprehensive, award-winning egg production education program to educate young consumers about the good animal care practices of the egg industry; the teacher's PDF on this disc provides reviews and exercises to correspond with each chapter.
  • Egg Reader (Grades 3-5) - The Egg Reader is an 8-page, full-color brochure for grades 3-5. Topics covered include food safety, specialty eggs, animal well-being, egg components, and grading.
  • Shelly and Shelldon's Eggscellent Adventure (K-4) - Includes wood games, crafts, puzzles, experiments, and recipes.

From Arkansas Egg Council

The following publications are available from the Arkansas Egg Council, located at P.O. Box 8505, Little Rock, AR 72205.

  • Eggory's Egg-Craft Ideas (Pre-K-6): This 14-page booklet helps children learn about eggs through art and cooking projects. It includes a wide range of activities. One copy is available to Arkansas residents at no charge.
  • Egg-ceptional Ideas for Food Science Creations (9-12): This 15-minute video shows consumer uses for eggs and details nutritional information and the unique characteristics of eggs that make them so useful. It is valuable for beginning science classes.

From the Livestock Conservancy

Noah's Ark Today online curriculum: The program is centered on the fundamental concept that the farmyard is a great place to explore, teach, and learn. The program was designed for grades K-5 with a focus on science and social studies.

From the US Poultry and Egg Institute

Poultry and egg production curriculum

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