Careers in Poultry Science (Iowa State)

Careers in Poultry Science (Texas A&M)

General information on undergraduate programs in Animal and Food Sciences at the University of Kentucky

Animal Science involves studying and applying the basic principles of nutrition, reproduction, and genetics to the production and management of domesticated animals. A particular strength of the department is the integration of the production and handling of animal-derived foods.

As an Animal Science major, students can pursue interests by selecting one of three study options:

  • Animal Industry Option
  • Food Industry Option
  • Pre-Professional Option

In the Animal Industry option students receive training in the nutrition, reproduction, welfare and management of domesticated animals. the option prepares students for careers in agribusiness, farm management, technical sales and/or service, cooperative extension, education, government, and commodities promotion. Currently the three specialties include equine, livestock and dairy. There is no poultry-specific specialilzation, but a poultry management class (ASC 340) is included in the possible courses for the livestock option and there is flexibility through the 'Special Problems" class (ASC 395 and ASC 399) to develop self-directed poultry-related options.