Ph. D. Dissertations
Gang, Liu. Chemical and functional properties of oxidatively modified food proteins.
Pierce, James Lewis. Nutritional assessment of conventional and low phytic acid corn for pigs and chicks.
Powell, Debra Marie. Effect of short- and long-term calorie restriction and diet composition on thyroid hormone and the metabolic responses to meal feeding and exercise in horses.
Richards, Christopher Jay. Influence of small intestine protein on carbohydrate assimilation and metabolism in beef cattle.
Verdecchia, C. Effect of heat treatment on the activity of hydrolyzed whey peptides on culture agglutination.
Van de Ligt, Christiaan Paulus Antonius. Assessment of chromium tripicolinate supplementation and dietary energy level, energy source, and protein level on growth and carcass criteria in growing pigs.
Van de Ligt, Jennifer Lynn Gentry. Influence of chromium tripicolinate supplementation on porcine immune function during the periparturient, neonatal, and postweaning periods.
M.S. Theses
D’Allaird, Jennifer Lynne. A comparison of low protein diets to a protein adequate diet on nitrogen utilization in the adult dog.
Parkington, Jennifer. Storage stability and functionality of beef heart surimi prepared under oxidative and antioxidative conditions.
Pratt, Shannon. Acetate clearance during exercise in the horse.
Rider, Nancy Carolyn. Vitamin D3 supplementation of cull cows: Effects on longissimus and semitendinosus muscle tenderness.
Scaletti, Roger William. Role of dietary copper in enhancing resistance to coliform mastitis.