The food science program is for those with an interest and ability in the sciences. Food Science offers a lifetime vocation in the maintenance of a never-ending stream of quality food products. You may want to choose Food science as a career if you are interested in ...

  • serving society by assuring availability, abundance, affordability, wholesomeness and safety of food.
  • improving the nutritive value of food products.
  • supervising raw material procurement or managing any aspect of a food processing operation.
  • maintaining high standards of safety and sanitation and managing quality of an ever-increasing variety of food products.
  • development of new food products, processing methods or distribution techniques.
  • knowing about the biological, chemical, and physical nature of food and food components.

Sure! Everyone eats - not only to live but for enjoyment. That's precisely why the food industry is a "sure-bet" career choice.

The Food Science program in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky is THE CHOICE for anyone wanting an exciting fast-paced career in the food industry. We invite you to consider the professional career choices available. The Faculty in the Food Science program is dedicated to providing the best scientific training for successful and productive food-related careers.