Poultry are very easy to raise and small and backyard flock owners may soon find themselves with an excess product to sell. There are a number of different marketing channels available to you, depending on the product and the volume you are trying to sell. Whatever marketing system you use, food safety measures must be in place to make sure you are selling a wholesome product.

While there may be exemptions for small flock producers with regard to inspection and licensing regulations, all producers (large and small) must follow the regulations with regard to production food safety standards.

Labeling your product

Food labeling guide (FDA)

Food product dating (FSIS)

The poultry label says 'fresh' (FSIS)

The Chicken and Turkey Nutrition factsheet (FSIS)

Meat and poultry labeling terms (FSIS)

Kentucky farmers' market (Kentucky Department of Agriculture)

Producer liability (University of Kentucky)


Small producer's guidelines for handling and selling eggs safely (Kentucky Department of Agriculture)

Marketing regulations affecting small-scale egg producers in Kentucky (University of Kentucky)

Poultry meat

Processing chickens (University of Kentucky)