The University of Kentucky Graduate Program in Animal and Food Sciences provides opportunities for advanced study in the discipline of animal sciences. The aim of the progam is to develop animal science specialists who are ablve to function in a variety of sophisticated academic, industrial and professional settings. Specific degree requirements are determined through indvidual consultation with a faculty advisor (M.S.) an advsior and a special committee (Ph.D.). Research work in broad areas of nutrition and management and reproductive physiology may be conducted.

Poultry research facilities

Poultry Research Faculty

Dr. Tony Pescatore

Dr. Tayo Adedokun


Current graduate students


Dung, Ku

Fisher, Tatijana

Paul, Marquisha

Wood, Lauren



Past graduate students

Ao, Tuoying. 2005. Exogenous enzymes and organic acids in the nutrition of broiler chicks: Effects on growth performance and in vitro and in vivo digestion (PhD)

Xavier, Eduardo. 2003. Effects of phytase in diets containing low-phytate corn and soybean meal on performance, bone traits and phosphorus excretion of pigs and chicks (PhD)

Parton, Neil. 2001. Organic selenium in the nutrition of laying hens; effects on egg selenium content, egg quality and transfer to developing chick embryo. (PhD)

Traylor, Steven. 2000. Assessment of nutrient bioavailability in meat and bone meal for pigs and chicks (PhD)

Pierce, James. 1999. Nutritional assessment of conventional and low phytic acid corn for pigs and chicks (PhD)

Eyigor, Aysegul. 1998. Detection and analysis of cytolethal distending toxin (CDT) genes in Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli isolates by polymerase chain reaction and determination of the prevalence of CDT genes and CDT activity in campylobacters isolated from chicken carcasses (PhD)

Collins, Victoria. 1997. Use if pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum) in poultry diets: Effect on performance and meat and egg fatty acid composition (PhD)

Mello, Indaue. 1997. The effect of high oil and high protein varieties of corn on grwoth performance, carcass yield and fatty acid compositoin of broiler chickens (MSc)

Turner, Maquel. Functionality differences between red and white chicken muscle fibers (MSc)

Spring, Peter. 1996. Effects of mannanoligosaccharide on different cecal parameters and on cecal concentrations of eneteric pathogens in poultry (Joint degree program with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich)(PhD)

Gang, L. 1995. Gelatin of myofibrillar proteins isolated from chicken red and white muscles under antioxidative conditions (MSc)