Dairy Cow

Dairy Management Tip for the Month - December 2021

Review Semen Handling Practices During Cold Weather

Cold shock during handling damages sperm cells and decreases fertility.  To minimize cold shock:

  • Catch animal in heat before thawing semen
  • Thaw semen and load gun in a warm room
  • Before loading gun, warm insemination gun by rubbing briskly with a paper towel
  • Wrap assembled gun in clean paper towel and place in your clothing close to your body to keep warm when traveling to animal

(G. Heersche, UK Dairy Website)

November 2021 Tip- Fresh Cow Management

Fresh cow management impacts a cow’s milk production, health and reproductive performance.  Key components include:

  • Minimize stress on these cows by providing plenty of bunk space (≥30 inches/cow) and resting space (1 stall or 100 sq ft /cow).
  • Do not house fresh cows with sick cows since their immune system is naturally depressed first few days after calving.  Delay vaccinations for at least 10 days post calving.
  • Observe cows daily for early signs of disease.
  • If possible, house fresh cows separately from rest of milking herd for minimum of 7-14 days.  Heifers also do better housed and fed separately from older cows.
  • Feed additives, i.e. choline, may be most cost effective in fresh and prefresh diets.


October 2021 Tip-- Controlling Nuisance Birds in Dairy Facilities

Birds congregating in large numbers, i.e. starlings, are a nuisance on farms.  Birds tend to roost overnight in a different area than those in which they feed.  To Learn More