Dairy Cow

Dairy Management Tip for the Month - April 2021

Timeliness of pregnancies this lactation impact the health, production and reproductive performance the next lactation.

Thus, reproductive goals for today’s dairy herds should include:

  • Cows pregnant by 130 to 150 days in milk
  • 21-day pregnancy rates  ≥ 26%
  • Conception rates of 45 to 55%
  • Body condition score at dry off and calving– 2.75 to 3.0 (not 3.5)

(Dr. Paul Fricke, Univ of WI– Madison)


March Tip of the Month--Fertilize small grains for best yield

●  Apply nitrogen at a rate of 90-120 lbs/acre for no-till crops and 60-90 lbs/acre for conventional tillage crops.  Amounts of synthetic fertilizer should be adjusted when manure is applied.

●  Apply phosphorus and potassium in accordance to soil test recommendations.

●  Make herbicide applications while small grains and weeds are within the labeled growth stage for optimal control. 

●  Service harvest equipment now to be ready to harvest at early boot stage of maturity for best  harvested forage quality.  With current grain prices, forage quality will be critical for the best possible financial situation.