Ph.D. Dissertations
Anandappa, Marienne A.  Evaluating food safety systems development and implementation by quantifying HACCP training durability. 
Burk, Steffanie V.  Detection of antibodies against parascaris equorum excretory-secretory antigens. 
Delles, Rebecca. Dietary antioxidant supplementation (economase-bioplex) to alleviate adverse impacts of oxidized oil on broiler meat quality: a chemical, textural, enzymatic, and proteomic study. 
Foote, Andrew P.  Effect of ergot alkaloids on bovine foregut vasculature, nutrient absorption, and epithelial barrier function.  
Hoar, Melanie E.  Use of MTB-100TM, provided through a mineral mix, to reduce toxicity when lactating beef cows graze endophyte-infected tall fescue.  
Koontz, Anne F.  Effects of endophyte infected fescue alkaloid ingestion on energy metabolism, nitrogen balance, in situ feed degradation, and ruminal passage rates.  
Liu, Jing.  Effect of amylase and protein oxidation on the thermal, rheological, structural, and digestive properties of waxy and common rice flours and starches. 
Miles, Edwena D.  Effect of estradiol supplementation on blood estradiol and metabolite levels, and hepatic protein expression, in growing, mature, and senescent beef cattle.  
Monegue, James S.  Evaluation of the effects of vitamin K on growth performance and bone health in swine.  
Willig, Jennifer A.  Analysis of antiviral and chemoprotective effects of strawberry anthocyanins. 
M.S. Theses
Black, Randi Alyson.  Compost bedded pack barns: management practices and economic implications. 
Fowler, Ashley.  Phosphorus digestibility and phytate degradation in long yearlings and mature horses.  
Good, Lindsay.  The effects of Actigen® and threonine supplementation on growth parameters, immune function, and intestinal health in monogastrics.  
Harlow, Brittany E.  Changes to the equine hindgut microflora in response to antibiotic challenge
Kenney, Nicole.  Impact of direct-fed microbials on nutrient utilization in beef cattle.  
Liang, Di.  Estimating the economic losses from diseases and extended days open with a farm-level stochastic model. 
Mastro, Laurel.  The effect of pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction on protein metabolism and insulin sensitivity in aged horses
Slaughter, Leeann L.  Antilisterial characteristics of volatile essential oils. 
Sterrett, Amanda E.  Management and technology solutions for improving milk quality. 
van Benschoten, Megan D.  Effects of a proprietary premix on productive performance and egg quality of white and brown egg laying hens fed diets high in distillers dried grains with soluble (DDGS).