Ph.D. Dissertations
Hatler, Thomas B. Subluteal concentrations of progesterone in cows with ovarian follicular cysts: the source of this progesterone and its influence on follicular phase events in cyclic, lactating dairy cows.
Kotrola, John S. Characterization of natural antimicrobials utilized for control of listeria monocytogenes in country-cured hams.
Meek, Kimberly I. Immunological and physiological adaptations of neonatal and juvenile holstein dairy calves in response to environment, ambient temperature and dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
Petty, Lee A. The factorial estimation of dietary phosphorus requirements for growing and finishing pigs. 

M.S. Theses
Arnett, Aaron M. Development of a fixed-time estrus synchronization protocol using estradiol cypionate (ECP) and controlled internal drug releasing (CIDR) devices in beef females.
Gissendanner, Sonya J. Expression of EAAC1 and GLT-1 high-affinity glutamate transporters by liver, kidney, intestinal epithelia, longissimus muscle and adipose tissues of developing angus cattle.
Harbour, Laura E. Concentrate composition, form, and glycemic response in horses.
Peterson, Cynthia J.B. Effect of quality of diet on equine growth during weaning.
Sands, Megan T. Evaluation of the ability of dietary fish oil to maintain elevated conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in milk from dairy cows through five months of lactation.
Sipe, Geri L. Expression of high-affinity glutamate transporters and glutamine synthetase by liver, longissimus dorsi and/or adipose tissues of finishing cattle is differentially altered by chlortetracycline and synovex-S.