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These videos were created for various college level courses, but can be used as educational tools for 4-H hours (if approved by the Certified Volunteer Leader) or used for Leader Recertification Hours.

Strangles in Horses                                                         Rotovirus in Foals

Lawsonia in Horses                                                          Salmonella in Horses

Botulism in Horses                                                           Skin Disorders in Horses

Intro to the Gastro Intestinal Tract                                    Steroidal Anti-Inflamatory Drugs

Colic: Part I Gastric Ulcers                                               Vaccination Guidelines 

Colic: Part II Medical/Surgical Cases                                Tetanus in Horses

Intro to the Immune System: Part I                                   Equine Infectious Anemia

Intro to the Immune System: Part II                                  Antibiotics use in Horses 

Disease and Healing in Horses: Part I                              Equine Influenza

Disease and Healing in Horses: Part II                             Intro to Equine Respiratory System

Neurological Disease in Horses                                       EHV Type 1 & 4 

Endotoxemia in Horses                                                    Wound Management in Horses

Anti-inflamatroy Drugs in Horses                                     Equine Asthma 

Intro to the Nervous System                                            

Potomac Horse Fever 

Rabies in Horses


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