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FOOD SCIENCE is the application of science and technology to the manufacturing, production, processing, product development, packaging, preparation, evaluation, distribution, utilization, and safety of food products. Food Science studies everything that happens to food from the time it leaves the farm, field, or waters until the consumers buys it. Food scientists are professionals who apply basic sciences to food processing, food preservation, products development and much more. Food Science is an independent professional discipline with its own professional society, The Institute of Food Technologists.

Food Science is the profession and field of study in which biological and physical sciences are used to learn the nature of foods, the causes of their deterioration or spoilage, and principles underlying processing and improvement of foods for the consuming public.

Food scientists apply chemistry, engineering, microbiology, biochemistry, other basic and applied sciences, toxicology, and management as well as industrial and practical aspects to the production, development, processing, preservation, evaluation, distribution, storage, sanitation, and marketing of foods.

Food science students have training in basic sciences such as physics, mathematics, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, etc. Thus anybody with an interest in the basic sciences such as chemistry, physics, and biology can apply their knowledge and interests to Food Science.

Food science plays an important role in the health, welfare and economic status of individuals and nations.