PH. D. Dissertations  
Anderson  , C. Acid insoluble ash as a digestion trial marker for determining the effects of varying dietary calcium and phosphorus levels on dry matter, calcium and phosphorus utilization by weanling horses. 
Carter, Scott. The nutritional implications associated with the effects of porcine somatotropin and dietary calcium and phosphorus levels on the homeostatic control of calcium, phosphorus and bone metabolism. 
Danielsen, K. The effect of dietary fiber level and fiber type on physiological responses to dehydration in the horse. 
McLeod, Kyle R. Manipulation of the somatostatin plexus: Influence on growth  hormone release and net visceral and hepatic metabolism in sheep. 
Mooney, Kenneth. The effects of chromium supplementation on performance, tissue accretion rates and blood metabolites in pigs. 
Siciliano, P. Effect of dietary vitamin E supplementation on the integrity of skeletal muscle in the exercising horse. 
Walker, J.A. Influence of slaframine, 4-diphenylacetoxy-N-methylpiperidine methiodide and carbohydrate infusion on pancreatic secretion in the bovine.
M.S. Theses
Bobo, Robert. Use of xanthan gum in cottage cheese manufacture. 
Brewster-Barnes, T. The effect of feeding after exercise on glucose and glycogen responses in the horse. 
Caldwell  , F.C. Cellulosic substrate utilization by Clostridium thermocellum LQRI. 
Gang, L. Gelatin of myofibrillar proteins isolated from chicken red and white muscle under antioxidative conditions. 
Samples, Michael. The effect of abomasal casein infusion on post-ruminal starch digestion in steers. 
Warren, L. The influence of trimethylglycine on the untrained and trained horse exercising to fatigue.