In order to be able to identify signs of disease it is important to be familiar with the characteristics of a healthy bird.

  • Erect stance with head and tail elevated
  • Bright red comb and wattles
  • Filled-out face parts
  • Bright and alert eyes
  • Clean nostrils
  • Smooth, neat, clean feathers
  • Filled-out legs
  • Joints that are smooth and cool to the touch
  • Weight that is typical for the type and age of the bird
  • Powerful movements when struggling
  • Scales on the legs and feet that are clean and waxy in appearance
  • Color of the skin that is characteristic for the breed and strain of bird, as well as the age and state of production 

In addition, a healthy bird eats and drinks frequently with the usually accompanying waste products (fecal material with white uric acid crystals) and displays no signs of respiratory distress.