Ph. D. Dissertations
Imwalle, Dennis Bradley. Endocrine control of bull sexual behavior. Gill, Amy Michelle. Effect of feeding frequency on behavior, feed digestibility, and cecal fermentation pattern in stabled horses and ponies.
Slim, Rabih. Effects of polychlorinated biphenyls on vascular endothelial cell dysfunction: Modification by dietary lipids.
Swanson, Kendal Carl. Mechanisms regulating pancreatic a-Amylase expression and secretion in ruminants.
Tabeide, Zahra. Effect of immunoglobulin and milk fat globule membrane on culture agglutination.
Traylor, Steven Leon. Assessment of nutrient bioavailability in meat and bone meal for pigs and chicks.
Warren, Lori Kay. The effect of level and type of dietary fiber on the hydration status of horses in response to dehydration and endurance exercise.
Washburn, Brian Eric. Ecological relationships among eastern cottontail rabbits, tall fescue, and native warm-season grasses.
M. S. Theses
Anandappa, Marienne Angela. Trans-2-Hexenal: Its antibacterial activity and its potential as an alternative fumigant for produce.
Edgington, Charlie B. Effects of copper supplementation on immune function in holstein heifers fed endophyte-infected or endophytefree tall fescue hay.
Funk, Dona Lee. Investigations into the use of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in estrus synchronization protocols for fixed-time inseminations of beef cattle.
Howell, Julie Ann. Tissue distribution of Na+-dependent glutamate transporters in sheep and cattle and differential tissue expression of GLT-1 and EAAC1 in growing versus non-growing lambs.
O'Connor, Cara Irene. The effect of fish oil supplementation on exercising horses.
Portocarrero, Susana Maria. Evaluation of microbial population and shelf stability of country-cured ham.
Smith, Roger Dwayne. Effects of social conditions on sexual behavior, luteinizing hormone concentrations, and testosterone concentrations in yearling beef bulls.
Wolf, Charlie. The effectiveness of "Good-Fry" (a frying oil containing rice bran oil and sesame seed oil) on the percent trans fatty acids formed during restaurant frying.