Ph.D. Dissertations
Bailey, John D. An approach to the measurement of sexual behavior in the bull (Bos Taurus) using variable female stimulus conditions.
Cox, John J. Community dynamics among reintroduced elk, white-tailed deer and coyote in southeastern Kentucky.
de Souza, Ana L.P. Assessment of dietary enzyme supplementation on ileal and total tract digestibilities in gestating and lactating swine.
Dzialak, Matthew R. Peregrine falcon, Falco Peregrinus, reintroduction in cliff habitat in Kentucky.
Meyer, Terry A. Evaluation of different N-6/N-3 fatty acid ratios derived from menhaden and corn oil in young pig growth and feed consumption, gut morphology and immune function.
Scaletti, Roger W. Effect of copper source in enhancing resistance to coliform mastitis.
Stika, John F. Properties of fresh and precooked/reheated restructured beef steaks manufactured from mature cows of various ages.
Xavier, Eduardo G. Effects of phytase in diets containing low-phytate corn and soybean meal on performance, bone traits and phosphorus excretion of pigs and chicks.
Yamka, Ryan M. Evaluation of low-oligosaccharide and low-oligosaccharide low-phytate whole soybeans and soybean meal in canine foods.
M.S. Theses
Agyare, Kingsley K. Rheological, baking and sensory properties of soft wheat flour dough: effect of structured lipid.
Burden II, Barry T. Potential of spray-dried porcine blood cells to replace soybean meal in growing-finishing lamb diets.
Martin, Kimberly R. Characteristics of the immune system of neonatal, juvenile and adult Holsteins.
Reinowski, Andrea R. Voluntary dry matter intake of big bluestem, eastern gamagrass, indiangrass and timothy grass hays by mature horses.
Rhinehart, Justin D. Effects of fat supplementation on reproductive parameters of beef heifers fed endophyte-infected fescue seed.
van Rensburg, Laurentia J. Effect of increasing level of soybean hulls on intake and utilization of tall fescue hay.
Zaffarano, Jennifer I. Minimum inhibitory concentrations of two common food phenolic compounds and their effect on the microbial ecology of swine feces in vitro.