Ph. D. Dissertations  
Du, Zengyu. Bioavailabilities of copper in copper proteinate, copper lysine and cupric sulfate, and copper tolerances of Holstein and Jersey cattle. 
Jazi, Saeed H. Effects of zinc supplement on animal performance and measurement of serum metallothionein as an alternative method in assessment of zinc deficiency in ruminants.
M. S. Theses
Curry, N.W., II. Evaluation of sire by breed of dam interactions for preweaning beef cattle in the Southern Region.  
Healy, H.P. The effects of concentrate form on humoral, hormonal and gastric parameters in mature horses. 
Holman, Carol P. Long-term availability of magnesium in dolomitic limestone fed to yearling steers. 
Kaminski, Michael A. Effect of progest erone withdrawal on uterine secretion of prostaglandin F2a in response to oxytocin.