Ph. D. Dissertations 
Bauer, Marc. Nutritional regulation of small intestinal glucose absorption in ruminants. 
Besong, Samuel. Influence of supplemental chromium picolinate on the concentrations of hepatic triglyceride and blood metabolites in dairy cattle. 
Girard, Ivan. Characterization of stimulatory activities from Saccharomyces cerevisiae on the growth and activities of ruminal bacteria. 
Simeone, Ann-Marie. Ammoniation as a detoxification procedure for endophyte-infected tall fescue. 
Spring , Peter  . Effects of mannanoligosaccharide of different cecal parameters and on cecal concentrations of enteric pathogens in poultry. (Joint degree program with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich  ).
MS Theses  
Burchett, Stephen. Effect of altering starch cook and resistant starch content of extruded food products on nutrient digestibility in the dog. 
Clarke, S.M. Interaction between calf sex and calf genetic type for preweaning traits of calves varying in percentage Brahman breeding.  
Lu, Mei. Influence of heat stress and calving on antioxidant activity in bovine blood. 
Reverte, Daniel. Physiochemical and sensory properties of grass and grain-fed beef treated with antioxidant and flavor agents. 
Silvio, Jennifer. Influence of fiber fermentability on nutrient digestion in the dog.