PhD Dissertation 
Collins, Victoria P. Use of pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum) in poultry diets: Effect on performance and meat and egg fatty acid composition. 
M.S. Theses  
Dozier, William A. Effects of porcine somatotropin administration on the requirement for a near ideal blend of amino acids by growing pigs.  
Gatke, Carrie R. Feeding the calcium salts of palm oil fatty acids or hydrogenated tallow to improve ewe lactational performance. 
Jamikorn, Uttra. Preparation of lactic-utilizing bacterial inoculants for modulating ruminal fermentations. 
Mello, Indaue Ieda Giriboni. The effect of high oil and high protein varieties of corn on growth performance, carcass yield and fatty acid composition of broiler chickens. 
Noel, David Chris. Textural and sensory characteristics of low-fat beef sausages with added water and polysaccharides at various pH. 
Ntirampea, Godelive. Effects of exposure to selected natural volatile compounds on the survival of bacteria in vitro and on the microflora of strawberry and blackberry fruits during storage.  
Parker, A.L. The effects of niacin supplementation on exercise metabolism and niacin status in horses. 
Strickling, Judy. Evaluation of oligosaccharide addition to dog diets: Influences on nutrient digestion and microbial populations. 
Turner, Maquel. Functionality differences between red and white chicken muscle fibers.