Ph. D. Dissertation

Edwards, Christina Charlene Taylor. Identification and characterization of the glucagon-like peptide-2 hormonal system in

M.S. Theses

Alman, Masa June. Effect of site of starch infusion on nutrient utilization by growing beef steers consuming cubed alfalfa hay.

Cannon, Julie Beth. Addition of probiotics to the diet of pre-ruminant dairy calves and stressed receiving cattle: Effects on growth and health parameters.

Koontz, Anne Fleming. Effect of ractopamine on whole body and splanchnic energy balance in Holstein steers.

Korthaus, Fran F. Effects of modified distiller’s grains plus solubles and direct fed microbials on growth performance and carcass traits of finishing beef steers.

Lane, Eric Patrick. The effect of dietary protein on growth and immunological response in receiving steers.

Monegue, James Seth. Evaluation of dietary alterations that have potential to affect feed intake and feed preference in swine.

Parks, Alese Grey. The effects of endophyteinfected tall fescue consumption on exercise response in horses.

Tritsch, Crystal Alexandra. The effect of progesterone on lutenizing hormone secretion in lactating dairy cows. In addition, one non-thesis master’s degree was awarded in calendar 2009.