Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Cox, Ryan. Effects of soy lecithin on meat emulsion stability, moisture retention, sensory attributes, shelf life and optical properties.
  • Pettey, Erica Ann. Comparison of antibiotic susceptibility characteristics of fecal lactobacilli and the distribution of tetracycline resistance genes on two swine farms with different histories of antibiotic use.

M.S. Theses

  • Anderson, Georgina. Effects of grazing high- and low-endophyte infected fescue on carcass and retail cut storage characteristics.
  • Bohaty, Robin E. The effects of added sulfur amino acids, threonine, and an ideal amino acid ratio on nitrogen metabolism in mature, overweight dogs.
  • Hibbard, Gregory. Dietary lysine:calorie ratios and their influence on nitrogen metabolism and digestibility in overweight mature dogs.
  • Ma, Yuanyuan . Antioxidant and bile acid-binding peptides from in vitro digests of buckwheat protein.
  • Quant, Anthony. Standardized ileal digestible tryptophan to lysine ratios in growing pigs fed U.S.-type and non-U.S.-type feedstuffs.
  • Sanders, Anne Kennedy. Endocrine factors that affect fertility in lactating dairy cows.
  • Watson, Katharine C. Effects of chemical composition on preference of horses for cool season grasses.