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Individual Pen Facility

Calan Facility

Intensive Research

Research Pastures

Nutrition Facility

Handling Facility

Small Pen Facility

Hay Barn

Compost Facility

Machinery & Leaf Storage





Individual Pen Facility

  • A total of 24 individual animal pens
  • Forage handling and Mosdal® feeding systems
  • Accommodates individual feeding and management for studies where frequent samples and intensive management are needed

Calan Barn

  • A total of 12 pens, accommodating 5 head of cattle each
  • "Magnetic key" Calan feeding system
  • The Arrangement allows for studies requiring group management and behavior along with individual animal feeding and intake measurement

Intensive Research Center

Intensive Research Center

  • George Mitchell Ruminant Nutrition Laboratory (GMRNL)
    • GMRNL A
    • GMRNL B
  • State-of-the-art surgical suite
    • Surgery
    • Preparation Room
    • Scrub Room
    • Surgical Table
    • Recovery Room
  • Two multi-purpose rooms for metabolism studies on large and small animals
    • Rooms
    • Pens
    • Squeeze Chute Scales
  • A total of 24 individual animal pens, in two environmentally controlled rooms, equipped to maximize handling ease for intensive measurements
  • Feed storage and handling systems to accommodate any type of feedstuff
  • Beef Unit offices, locker rooms, and laboratory space 

Research PasturesBeef Grazing

  • 700 acres of pasture
  • Currently there are 32 pastures in high-endophyte fescue, each 7.5-acres, for replicated stocker and cow/calf grazing studies
  • Mixed grass/clover pastures for additional heifer and cow/calf grazing
  • Future development of riparian (creek) pastures, bull development paddocks, cow/calf grazing center



Nutrition Center

  • Computerized feed management/handling systemNutrition Center
    • Handling System
  • Six silos provide approximately 2,200 tons of silage capacity
    • Silos
  • Load-cell mounted grain bins for automatic metering of concentrates
    • Mixer Wagons
  • Four feed bays for handling a variety of bulk commodities
  • Large and small mixer wagons for feeding various sized rations
    • Wagon Loading


Handling FacilityHandling Facility

  • Curved tub and alleyway
  • Hydraulic squeeze chute/scales
    • Hydraulic Scales
  • A total of 24 individual sorting pens
  • Load-outs for pots and stock trailers





Small Pen BarnsSmall Pen Barns

  • A total of 48 pens, accommodating 4-6 head of cattle each
    • Pen
  • Fence-line feedbunk arrangement
    • Feedbunk
  • For growing/finishing and heifer development research




Compost Facility

  • Allows for composting animal waste prior to application to pastures
  • Includes leaf-storage building (for adding organic matter to compost)
  • Allows for integrated research in beef cattle production and waste management