Showing dairy cattle can be a fun and rewarding part of the 4-H dairy animal project.  Animals both registered and grade need to be owned by the youth by June 1st.  All educational hours need to be completed by June 1st.  District Dairy Shows are sponsored by the Kentucky Department of Agriculutre Division of Shows and Fairs.  Rules for those are listed on their website.  Kentucky State Fair Youth Dairy Show rules are listed on the Kentucky State Fair Website.  Listed below are some resources to help get you started showing dairy animals.

District Dairy Show Information

District Dairy Show Entry Form

Certificate of Identification for Grade Animals

Holstein Foundation Workbooks - Good resource material for those who need more information

Kentucky Department of Agriculture Dairy Show Information

Kentucky State Fair     Entry Deadline is July 10th

2014 Kentucky State Fair Dairy Skill-a-thon

Livestock Safety for Kids

Preparing a Dairy Animal for Show

Uniform Scorecard for Judging Fitting and Showing