PhD. Dissertations
Feng, J. Interaction of myofibrillar and thermally/enzymatically modified soy proteins.
Ramírez-Suárez, J.C. Transglutaminase-mediated aggregation and functionality of mixed food proteins.
Schultz, C.L. Comparison of an early weaning management system with a conventional system on cow and calf performance while grazing tall fescue pastures.
M.S. Theses
Clayton, N.C. The efficacy of various salmonella intervention methods applied to pork carcasses during slaughter.
Fieser, B.G. Interactions between supplement energy source and tall fescue hay maturity on forage utilization by beef steers.
Hazelton, S.R. Influence of abomasal carbohydrates on small intestinal sodium-dependent glucose co-transporter activity and abundance in steers.
Howlett, C.M. Effect of supplemental nutrient source on heifer growth and reproductive performance, and on utilization of corn silage- based diets by beef steers.
Kitts, S.E. The effects of thickening agents in canned foods on digestive dynamics in dogs.
St. Lawrence, A.C. Glycemic and hormonal responses in weanling horses.
Weddington, T.J. Isolation, identification and characterization of a succinate-degrading bacterium from a bovine rumen.