Ph. D. Dissertations
Akay, Veysel. Nutritional evaluation of NutridenseTM and waxy corn hybrids for ruminants.
Amako, Donatus Emerenini Ndubuisi. Numerical modeling of a food analog and heat transfer parameters and nutrient retention of selected foods thermally processed in retortable semi-rigid plastic trays.
Jamikorn, Uttra. Influence of processing temperature and time on nutrient quality of canned dog food.
Jones, Chris R. Physiology and molecular biology of sugar utilization by Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus 39E.
Lei, Qingxin. Chemistry of odor-impact volatiles from soy protein concentrates.
Paton, Neil Duncan. Organic selenium in the nutrition of laying hens: Effects on egg selenium content, egg quality and transfer to developing chick embryo.
Paton, Sara Jean. Evaluation of maturity, marker, and duodenal can nula on the characterization of endophyte-infected tall fescue and the effect of prazosin and thiamin on fescue toxicosis.
Tricárico, Juan M. Influence of exogenous enzyme preparations on in vitro digestion and activities of ruminal microbial populations.
M. S. Theses
Behrends, Jason Monroe. Microbial, chemical, and visual characteristics of whole muscle beef steaks from the round with different USDA grade groups as affected by high oxygen case-ready packaging.
Broaddus, Brent Allen. Impact of season and heat stress on somatic cell counts.
Janicki, Kristen Michelle. The effect of dietary selenium source and level on broodmares and their foals.
Jose, Nancy S. Effect of receptor blockers on bacteriophage proliferation.
King, Amy Lynn. Effects of transforming growth factor-ß2 on development of bovine embryos in vitro.
Nugent, Amelia Marie. The effects of the intramammary infusion of Escherichia coli endotoxin on ovulation in lactating dairy cows.
Woods, Chad Ashley. Substrate recognition and regulation of canine pept1 function using a MDCK cell model.
Yamka, Ryan Michael. Evaluation of soybean meal, low ash poultry meal, and corn gluten meal in canine diets.