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A big THANK YOU to Lisa Borg at State Line Tack for sponsoring the 2021 Kentucky 4-H State Horse Show High Point awards! 


2021 Kentucky State Fair 4-H Horse Show Results:

2021 Kentucky 4-H State Horse Contest:

Congratulations to all of the participants this year! Results are below:

PDF icon2021 Kentucky 4-H State Horse Contest Results

PDF icon 2021 Kentucky 4-H State Horse Judging Results

Vaccination Rule for State Show

In an effort to protect all horses, due to the recent outbreaks of the neurologic form of herpesvirus, the Kentucky 4-H Horse Program has mandated that horses showing at district and state 4-H horse shows must be vaccinated against flu and rhino within 6 months of the show date. Proof of vaccination will need to be provided along with Coggins and Health Papers.  We will follow USEF rules on the vaccination and verification process, which can be found here _ USEF Vaccination Rules_

This decision to require vaccination was voted on at the February 27th Spring Horse Advisory Council meeting by the district delegates.  Although none of the vaccines available currently claim to prevent against the neurologic form of the disease, studies have shown that some vaccines decrease viral shedding and produce higher antibody titers. The vaccines with the greatest ability to limit nasal shedding and viremia of the neuro virulent strain include the vaccines licensed for control of abortion (Pneumabort®-K & Prodigy®), and the MLV vaccine (Rhinomune® & Calvenza®).


AFS 4-H Youth Horse Team

Dr. Fernanda Camargo, DVM, Ph.D.
Equine Extension Specialist
610 W.P. Garrigus Bldg.
Lexington, KY 40546


Mary Jane Little, M.S.
Equine Extension Associate
615 W.P. Garrigus Bldg.
Lexington, KY 40546


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