Regional Delegation

The Kentucky 4-H Horse Program sends delagates to participate in the Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships, Quarter Horse Congress, and the Eastern National 4-H Horse Round-Up

Kentucky selects its delagates through the State Horse Contest.  First and Second place finishers in Horse Judging, Horse Bowl, Hippology, Individual Presentation, Team Presentation, and Public Speaking will be invited to compete at Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships.  The team or indvidual that performs better at regionals will earn the right to attend Quarter Horse Congress, and Eastern Nationals.  All 3 regional and national competitions feature all listed knowledge contest events, however, only Southern Regionals also offers a horse show.  For information on competing at the Southern Regional Horse Show please see the Regional information section in the General Rules for the Kentucky State Horse Show.

Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships - PDF icon2022 Results HERE

Quarter Horse Congress   2022 Results:     PDF iconHorse Bowl    PDF iconHippology    PDF iconCommunications

Eastern National 4-H Horse Round-Up  PDF icon2022 Results HERE