Ph.D. Dissertations
Agyare, Kingsley K. Transglutaminase-mediated functionality of hydrolyzed wheat gluten and interaction with muscle protein.
Scheuren-Portocarrero, Susana M. Yeast cell wall prepration as a strategy to control antibiotic resistant bacteria in vitro and domestic animals.
M.S. Theses
Balfagon-Romeo, Aitor. Nutritional approach mineral over-supplement in grow-finish pigs: organic trace minerals and phosphorus body accretion.
Doig, William G. Influence of level of alfalfa cube intake on nutrient disappearance and rumen fermentation in angus steers.
Miles, Edwena D. Validation of a bovine renal cell model to study factors that regulate glutamate and uridine transport and metabolism, including ergopeptides.
Reeder, Trista L. Dietary lysine: calorie ratios and their influence on nitrogen metabolism and digestibility in moderately obese mature dogs.
Ringler, Jennifer E. An in vitro system for the prediction of diet DM, NDF and ADF digestibility in horses.
Ware, Jasmine V. Effects of crossbreeding on both performance and immunological parameters of neonatal Holstein, Jersey and reciprocal crossbred calves.