Questions about registration

How do I register? 
In order to register the advisor hold must be removed and this is only done after the student has met with their academic advisor.  All registration occurs through myUK.

When do I register? 
New students, freshman and transfers, register for the first time during advising conferences.  Current students register during priority registration.  Priority registration occurs every semester to register for classes for the upcoming semester.  The specific time and date in which you register is determined by the total number of earned credit hours.  A schedule of the registration windows can be found in the schedule book.

What is a wait list? 
Some classes offer students the opportunity to place themselves on a list which automatically enrolls students in a closed class only if a seat in the class becomes available.  

What are the deadlines for adding or dropping a class?
Specific dates for these deadlines change each semester, the last day to add a class is generally within the first week of classes.  There are two DROP deadlines.  The first deadline results in a class not appearing on your transcript, while the second drop deadline will result in a W appearing on your transcript.  A “W” does not figure into your GPA, but you should always consult with your academic advisor prior to dropping a class.  Also, consult the academic calendar in the current schedule book for the exact add and drop dates.

How can I withdraw from UK?
You may cancel your registration before the first day of class by using myUK.  To completely withdraw from UK once classes have started you must contact the Registrar’s Office.  Students are only allowed to withdraw up to a certain date.

What are the differences between being a fulltime and part-time student? 
A fulltime student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours.  Fulltime students may have some benefits not available to part-time students.  Financial aid, insurance, and other items could be affected by the number of enrolled credit hours.