Robert Foree

Robert (Bobby) Foree has spent most of his life pursuing a career in agriculture, specifically as it pertains to beef cattle production. With completion of his Animal Science degree, Bobby, representing the 7th generation to do so, returned to the Henry County farm where he grew up. Early on, Bobby grew burley tobacco and alfalfa hay with most of the hay being marketed to horse operations in central Kentucky; the alfalfa operation (75 acres) continues today. Also, Bobby raised purebred Polled Hereford cattle and marketed yearling bulls to commercial cattle producers. As marketing aspects of the beef industry shifted from “red-hided” to “black-hided” cattle, Bobby began acquiring purebred Angus cattle. Today, his overall herd consists of 200 purebred Angus cows and 40 Hereford x Angus crossbred cows with both genetic types managed for spring and fall calving. During his spare time Bobby is also an attorney where he is an asset and advocate to the farming community. Bobby serves on many committees, and has received many awards, at the local, state and national level that are too numerous to list. Bobby is married to Jean Kaye and they have two children, Roby and Ashley.