The department’s Poultry Unit will be relocating from Coldstream to the C. Oran Little Research Center (LRC) in Versailles. It will be a complex of three buildings designed to enhance poultry research, teaching and outreach efforts. The three buildings include an office/laboratory, a nutrition research building and a layer/breeder building. Eighty floor pens in the nutrition research building will mimic a commercial poultry house. The nutrition building will also have a battery area to be used for intensive nutrition research. The layer/breeder building is designed to provide 24 floor pens that will be used for broiler breeder research and also house the heritage breed flock. The layer/breeder house will have 5 environmentally-controlled rooms to be used for studying interaction of environment and nutrition on laying hens and broiler breeder performance. The office/laboratory building will include an office area, support laboratories including a hatchery area, wet and dry laboratories, a USDA inspected poultry processing facility and a shell egg processing area. Relocation of the Poultry Unit to the LRC will allow us to continue the high-quality research currently being conducted and provide enhancements to our research, teaching and outreach capabilities.

Sketch of proposed design:

Poutry Unit