1. Trainers need to be adjusted for each cow and readjusted when cows are in heat.
  2. For Holsteins, trainers should be positioned 48 inches forward from the gutter curb in stalls 68-72 inches long. For Jerseys, trainers should be positioned at 42 inches from the gutter curb in stalls 62-66 inches long.
  3. Trainers should be positioned 2 inches above the chine during the 24-hour training period and then at 4 inches after the training period.
  4. The power supply should be grounded to a separate ground rod outside the barn and not to other stabling within the barn.

Author:  Donna M. Amaral-Phillips

Source: House, H.K. and N.G. Anderson. 2019. Maximizing Comfort in Tiestall Housing. Vet Clin Food Anim 35:77-91.

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