Feedstuffs - Miscellaneous By-Products (Hulls)

Cottonseed Hulls

Cottonseed Hulls

  • By-product of the cottonseed oil manufacturing industry.
  • Consists of the outer covering of the cottonseed that is removed prior to oil extraction.
  • A high fiber, palatable feedstuff used as a roughage for cattle, especially in areas where good quality forages are scarce.
  • Occasionally added in grain mixes to increase the bulk density and crude fiber content.

Average Nutrient Content

  • Ruminant TDN = 47%
    Monogastric ME = N/A
    Crude Fiber = 43%
    Crude Protein =4%
Physical Description - white colored cotton fibers and brown to brownish-black colored hulls, and a mixed rough and fuzzy texture.

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