Feedstuffs - Protein Sources of Animal Origin

Feather Meal

Feather Meal (Hydrolyzed)

  • By-product from poultry slaughtering industry that is produced by grinding the cleaned, dried, and hydrolyzed feathers.
  • Very high in protein, but very low in most other nutrients.
  • Palatability can be a problem.
  • Primarily used in diets for mature ruminants, and will rarely exceed more than 5% of the diets for monogastrics.

Average Nutrient Content

  • Crude Protein = 85%
  • Lysine = 1.0%
  • Ruminant TDN = 63%
  • Monogastric ME = 1050 Kcal/lb
Physical Description - brown color with flecks of white and a granular to powdery texture.

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