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Hampshire Ewe Lambs Gracie Metzger

I like the Hampshire ewe lambs 1-2-4-3.

For an initial decision between 2 similar quality sheep, I write 1 over 2. She's the longer patterned better profiling ewe who ties higher and cleaner out of her shoulder and is leveler out through her hip. It's just an added bonus that she's also more correct in terms of her structure, being squarer from hock to ground. Now don't get me wrong, 2 is another functional female. However, I keep her 2nd as she’s the rounder, shorter hipped option who narrows at the ground.

With that being said, in my intermediate decision I still side with the higher performing ewe over 4. She's the longer patterned, larger framed female who is more feminine in terms of her design being more attractive from her shoulder forward. I'll be the first to admit, 4 is one that you have to appreciate from a power stand point of view, carrying natural width and dimension. However, the quick maturing female lacks the frame and sheer size above her.

Still in my final comparison I side with a better kind and write 4 over 3. She offers more in terms of brood ewe characteristics being the powerful, bold ribbed female who carries truer width through her pin set. It's just an added bonus that she stands on a greater substance of bone, which is only complimented by her extra leg wool. Now sure 3 may be a longer patterned, larger outlined sheep. However, the bare legged, bare faced ewe is poorer in terms of maternal quality being flatter and narrower made.


Thank you.