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Limousin Bulls - Will Banks

I like the Limousin Bulls 4132.

There's a bull up top who's got the right kind of build in tandem with a unique power to work on a multitude of cow bases, and it’s where I find the 4 bull to start. He's not only the boldest and most powerful through his center body, but throw in his structurally correct build and I think he becomes the most exciting source for producing quality seed-stock that can capture the attention of buyers. There's no denying that the 1 bull is longer and more extended from forerib back to flank, and I’m comfortable saying he's more attractive yet still masculine up front. Still the shallower flanked, tighter hearted bull needs more rib and body to rival my class winner.

But it's truly in the middle where I find the most room for discussion, still its 1 over 3. More specifically the cleaner jointed bull is more relaxed and attractive in his build through his shoulder and knee, and it's even more impressive that the biggest yet most corrected footed bull hits the surface comfortable and collected when set into motion. Now there's something to be said for the cleaner sheathed 3 bull, as his powerful and robust kind should give him the opportunity to produce heavier muscled, bigger topped calves that accelerate in the feedlot. However, I read his power to also work to his disadvantage; the plainer, open shouldered bull tends to drop his head and roll his pins when in motion, which could be a product of the build to his hind leg. 

Even so I like his added power and substance over 2 on the bottom. In simple terms he reads more masculine and rugged in his design. Make no mistake, the 2 bull is more attractive and functional in the build to his hind leg. But if were weighing out the positives, he studies as the flattest made, narrowest constructed bull, and his kind isn't what I’d like to replicate in my offspring. 

Thank You